Katherine Mounsher
Personal Trainer

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Exercise referral instructor, Menopause Coach, Adapting exercise for older adults (over 50), Ante natal/postnatal fitness, Bootcamp and Circuits Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor, Run Leader. Mental Health First Aider

So this is my own journey!! January 2017 I decided to start PT with my friend who had just qualified as a Personal Trainer. Up to this point I’d done a c25k course and dabbled with the odd class. I was fed up with being 40 something, tired, overweight and generally feeling bleurgh about my post kids body (I had babies late at 39&41). I genuinely thought I was too busy, too tired to work out and too old to lose weight. I started slowly and made gradual changes to my diet and added an extra class every couple of months as my fitness and enthusiasm grew. Fast forward to now and I'm feeling fit and strong, and feeling excited to help other people like me change their lives!! I didn’t start out with any notion of becoming a personal Trainer, I just wanted to lose a bit of weight and reduce my risk of heart problems and diabetes. This journey has totally transformed my life. I urge anyone feeling apprehensive about the enormity of what you think lies ahead to take that first step. You really don’t know what the future may hold!!  
I’m still on my journey, I’m not sure that will ever change, I’m just fitter, healthier and happier on it! If you would like to know more about making long term, sustainable changes to your lifestyle please get in touch.