Beginners Run Club

I am a Run England qualified run leader. I will deliver a weekly session to you that is designed to progress you to being able to run 5k over a 10 week period. Running in a group is a great way to start for both motivation and accountability!

The course is most suited to complete beginners or runners who have not run for a considerable period. The course starts very gently and builds gradually over the weeks. 

We will meet weekly at different locations around Warminster for a group run. During the early weeks where the runs are short we will also master some exercises that will help to strengthen your leg muscles.

You will have access to my app and there will be a further 2 runs for you to complete in your own time.

The app allows you to record starting photos and measurements if wished.

Hook up with other runners on the course on Strava, map your runs, see your progress and connect as a group.

You will receive messages mid week via a Whatsapp group to help motivate you and keep you accountable!

You will also get a guide to calories, and an online recipe book packed full of healthy recipes weeks 1, 4 and an extra one for everyone who completes the course!

Next course Spring 2023